So you’ve created a Facebook Page for your business following our tips. What’s next? You obviously want the Page to increase your online presence and build up your audience, but how on earth do you do that? It’s time to promote your Page!

Here are some methods that can help you drive traffic to your Page, increase engagement, and promote your business.


Content is key! Think about what your customers would want to see from you. Tailor your content to things that your customers would find interesting and inspiring. Experiment with different kinds of posts – share images, links, and videos that tie to your business.  Ultimately, you should consider what your target audience would want to see and enjoy. As a rule of thumb, try to add a new post to your Page at least twice a week. Feel free to ask questions, share exclusive news, and respond to people when they post or comment on your Page. Remember to use Page Insights as a tool to see which posts are performing the best. This will guide you in tailoring your content.

Email Promotion

Use your current email list to promote your new Facebook Page. Email your contacts and invite them to “Like” your business on Facebook. A good tactic is to explain WHY they should become a fan. Let people know what they can expect from your Page. Remember to invite your business contacts as well. Another way to promote your Page is by including a link in your email signature. Think about it – how many emails do you send each day? By including the link in your email signature, you will be providing easy access to your Page. Encourage your staff to include links to your Page in their e-mail signatures as well. Also, consider having a link to your Facebook Page on all future newsletters. Doing this can help you spread the word!

Like Box

Adding a Facebook “Like” Box to your website is an extremely valuable tool. It enables you to attract and gain “Likes” from your own website. In other words, your website visitors do not have to leave your website to become a fan of your Facebook Page.  To learn how to add a Like Box to your own website, click here.

Social Media Marketing

Are you on Twitter, Google+, YouTube, &/or LinkedIn? Make sure to promote your Facebook Page on these channels too. For example, you can create Facebook-oriented content – like contests or special photo albums – and promote them on Twitter or Google+. This should attract additional attention and broaden your reach.

Offline marketing

Incorporate your Facebook address into your advertisement and print marketing materials, including business cards, brochures, flyers, and welcome packets. The goal is to raise awareness of your online efforts.


One of the most influential tactics is cross-promotion. Make a connection with other businesses that share a similar demographic to yours and endorse each other. Team up with a Realtor’s office or a construction company and do a little Facebook cross-promotion and periodically share each others posts with your audiences. “Like” other Facebook Pages that share a common interest with your business. Join in their conversations and interact with these businesses. Think of it as having a conversation with a group of people face-to-face. The idea is to build relationships with a new audience with the goal of having them become loyal followers.


Connect to your fans with Facebook Ads. If you are looking into getting some engagement outside of your current fans, the easiest target is your fan’s friends. There is a cost involved with creating these ads, but you can set your budget and reach your target audience. This would certainly increase your Page’s visibility more effectively and naturally. Find out how to advertise on Facebook here.

Remember, your Page is an extension of your business. Marketing your business is all about helping you achieve your goals. Using your Facebook Page correctly can help your business grow, but if no one knows it exists, it won’t do much for you.