Florida homeowners have a lot of choices for property insurance.  Using the OIR’s “Choices” tool, I modeled a $300,000 new construction home in Orange County and received a list of available companies.  Guess how many companies displayed?  27!

Four of them were Tower Hill companies.  So how on earth – or specifically, how in the great state of Florida – do you explain and sell Tower Hill to your clients?  Who the heck is Tower Hill?

We could talk about Tower Hill being the number one homeowner’s insurance company in Florida, by policies-in-force and in-force premium.  We could talk about our network of more than 700 agencies across the state servicing our customers.  Or we could mention that we’ve been in the Florida market for over 40 years.

But some of that doesn’t stick with customers.  So instead, let’s talk about who Tower Hill is:

  • Tower Hill opened as a small insurance agency in south Florida, by founder W.T. Shively.  It’s been owned by the same family since its inception.
  • Corporate offices moved to Gainesville (go Gators!) in 1980.  Plans to lease office space in a commercial complex off Tower Road never materialized, but the name Tower Hill stuck and the company was renamed in 1995.
  • Tower Hill has nearly 400 employees with over 3,000 combined years of experience in the insurance industry.
  • We have an office in Lexington, Kentucky, with more than 40 claims and agency support staff.  If disaster strikes our Gainesville office, this facility is also ready to provide uninterrupted service to our agents and customers.
  • Over the years we’ve acquired, merged, partnered with, or formed the following companies:
    • Omega Insurance Company
    • Regency Insurance Company (Tower Hill Preferred)
    • Desoto Prime Insurance Company (Tower Hill Prime)
    • Tower Hill Select
    • Hillcrest Insurance Company (Tower Hill Preferred)
    • Royal Palm Insurance Company (Tower Hill Signature)
  • Tower Hill paid $2.2 billion to Florida homeowners during the 2004-2005 hurricane seasons.
  • In March, we surpassed 500,000 policies-in-force.
  • This summer, we partnered with SkiSafe to provide watercraft insurance for our customers.

So the next time a customer asks you, “Who is Tower Hill?” tell them this: The people underwriting their application, handling their claim, processing their payments and mail, and answering their phone calls are all part of a home-grown Florida company.   Hundreds of employees working together, all here to help.

Check out our latest brochure, titled “Why Tower Hill?”  You can also access it through RPM -> Support Docs -> Marketing Materials.