The Tower Hill Claims department continues to develop resources using outside vendors to help exceed consumer expectations, assist with the claims process, and properly evaluate and pay claims. These resources also help carriers monitor indemnity and loss adjustment expense so that they remain financially stable over the long run.

For many years, most of the industry focused on the building damage portion of the loss (Coverage A) and used software such as Xactimate, Symbility, and Simsol to estimate damage to the home. Nowadays, adjusters use this type of software to determine damage to the dwelling and/or other structures. Using the same software, general contractors are able to complete the job for the agreed-upon price, thus making settlements easier to achieve.

However, the industry often overlooked the evaluation of personal belongings (Coverage C) and additional living expense (Coverage D), leading to what carriers refer to as “loss dollar leakage,” which if left unchecked or not properly adjusted, can inflate claim payments, affect loss ratio, and threaten overall carrier performance.

As a result, the industry has focused more attention on finding vendors to help reduce loss dollar leakage. Several resources have been introduced to the market that deliver outstanding customer service and provide claims departments the ability to positively impact carrier results.

Below are three examples of programs used by the Tower Hill Claims professionals to assist our policyholders:

  1. Enservio is the leader in the contents claim appraisal software and services market. Enservio solutions include a web-based software platform, field inventory capture, claims process management and valuation services, and item replacement.
  2. CRDN (The Textile Experts) specializes in restoration laundry and dry cleaning for all types of loss:  fire, smoke, water, mold, and other contaminants. They restore clothing, shoes, belts, draperies, window treatments, rugs, linens, towels, leathers, furs, and more.
  3. ALE Solutions provides short and long-term housing solutions for customers displaced as a result of a claim. ALE offers hotel solutions with a portfolio containing over 35,000 hotels nationwide, discounts ranging from 15-35%, and “chain-wide” (e.g., Residence Inn) discount agreements that are passed along to the carrier. There is often no out-of-pocket expense for customers since costs are direct billed to the carrier representative.

In today’s world, carriers that work with and develop vendor resources to assist during the claims process are those that will consistently exceed customer expectations, grow as an organization, and remain financial stable.  For 41 years, Tower Hill has done just that!