During my latest agent visits around the state, I was approached by strangers in restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and even as I was coming out of an elevator.

Their reason for chatting with me?

Brand recognition.

You see, the Tower Hill Insurance logo is always proudly displayed on my shirt, my jacket, or on my binder, and, much like a Nike “swoosh,” our logo is a very recognizable brand here in the State of Florida!

“My insurance company is Tower Hill…”

“I read about Tower Hill in September’s Consumer Reports…”

“Oh, I just love your company…”

What makes these homeowner quotes great is the fact that complete strangers will stand there and talk with me for five or ten minutes about their experiences with Tower Hill. Some conversations are stories of a unique challenge that brought their lives and Tower Hill together, while other discussions are merely about the name…the “I’ve heard of Tower Hill”…or, their loyal gratitude of the brand.

The recognition from around the state is unquestionably wonderful! I personally appreciate the feedback from our customers on our exceptional quality and outstanding customer service.

What makes these comments even more important is that we have partnered with some outstanding agents throughout the state who not only believe in our brand, but also help market our brand at every opportunity. Without your efforts, we might just be another carrier.

The Tower Hill brand is fueled by our ability to place billboards and TV commercials around the state. We provide free educational YouTube videos accessible to agents and policyholders alike. We also have representatives from claims, underwriting, and marketing from Tower Hill who travel around the state assisting agents on many different levels.

How can you, the agent, further capitalize on the Tower Hill brand?

Brand awareness comes in many different forms, and you have the opportunity to spread the word through many different channels.

You can take advantage of our brand by continuously pointing your clients towards the Tower. That line might sounds a bit corny…but, the brand is the Tower…it is the experience…and, it is the promise.

Utilize the Tower Hill logo on your website, share our Facebook articles…place a link to our educational videos or a pdf of our brochures in your emailed quotes.

During a particular agent visit in Sebring, Florida, this past week, I was proud to hear an agent say, “We’re all in this together.” This single quote epitomizes my agent visits these past several months.

We are all indeed in this together. It is a strong partnership…

As we all know, homeowners are faced with several challenges when making their decision, but it is you, the agent, that helps alleviate the burden and overcome those challenges. You are the ones on the front line addressing availability, coverage comparisons, and the rate changes.

Our hope is that the Tower Hill brand can contribute to your own agency’s brand. As the homeowners face these specific encounters, it sure is nice to have a partner that identifies and recognizes your needs.

We applaud you.

We appreciate the collaboration.

And, we are all indeed in this together.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”  –Ryunosuke Satoro