Crafting commercial policies for your clients can feel a lot like ordering a la carte at a restaurant: I’ll have one BOP with a side of Hired and Non-Owned Auto, a smidge of Employee Dishonesty, and 12 months of Business Interruption for dessert. But as any epicure knows, the right combination can elevate the ordinary into something exquisite.

Yes, we’re still talking about insurance. Understanding your clients’ needs will set you up for success in placing the right order. And Tower Hill’s commercial products offer a – wait for the tacky play on words – smorgasbord of options.

Tower Hill’s BOP product can cover a variety of businesses: office/retail, commercial residential, self-storage facilities, mobile home parks, hotel/motel, HOAs, and mercantile risks. Our BOPs do not have coinsurance, offer a range of additional coverages, and have no liability deductible. It’s a flexible product that can cover anything from an LRO professional office building to a clothing store.

Our Commercial Property (CP) product in Tower Hill Prime is like the chic new chef everyone is talking about.  We are property experts, and the Tower Hill Prime CP is where we get to showcase it.  We model catastrophe exposure and assess PML to give you and your customer the best rate possible for the best risks.  Our CP program targets many classes, including preschools, light warehouse and distribution, and LRO restaurant exposures.

We have elite underwriters who know policies and forms like a sommelier knows wine and can whip up a competitive quote in astonishing speed.  Our marketing team provides a concierge service to our agents.  And our technicians process submissions, endorsements, and bind requests so smoothly that, like an attentive waiter, you hardly notice they’re there.  We pride ourselves on service and want to be your first choice for your best customers.

Ok, I’m done with the restaurant and food analogies (and I’m also now terribly hungry).  Tower Hill offers your customer a wide range of options for their business insurance needs – call or email us and we’re happy to find something that works for you.  You can now submit and bind directly in our Agency Portal; for other submissions please email applications to or contact your underwriter directly.