Welcome Spring!

Time to open the windows, clean house and breathe in the fresh air…

Of course, if you’re like my wife…that would be a bad idea…since she is allergic to just about everything under the sun. And, I mean…everything.

So, as we say in our household during these early days of spring: open the windows, clean house, breathe in the fresh air…and, take a 24-hour Allegra D.

We definitely take the time to prepare for the season. We stock the cabinets full of allergy-related remedies. And, when the season hits, my wife sticks to the prepared plan: be proactive, take precautionary measures…and, have the tissue boxes stationed at every corner of the house.

For independent agents here in Florida…there is also a ‘season’…and, yes, we all know it’s called ‘hurricane season.’ Like allergy season…some seasons are stronger than others.

And, during that time of year, independent agents, much like my wife…suffer nausea, itchy eyes, migraines and sleepless nights. Unfortunately, during this time of the year, there isn’t anything we can really take to make the pain go away. Well, some have ‘ways’ of coping…but I won’t go there.

So, from June 1st through November 1st, we suffer through the ‘hurricane allergies.’

With proper time management, however, we should be able to stock our cabinets full of remedies and be ready to combat the onslaught of watery eyes…and, soggy summer afternoons.

During these summer and fall months, independent agents cringe at the awareness when a hurricane is coming. Everyone should have safeguards in place against the ‘season’, much like my wife can tell when a front is coming. The watery eyes…the headaches…and, she begins to safeguard against the imminent allergies. She’s been there many times before…she’s ready.

“Tissue, please…!!!”

Prior to June 1st, agents should bring down that orange prescription bottle from the medicine cabinet that reads, “PLAN OF ACTION…take once a day as doctor ordered.”

The thing is…we all know June 1st is right around the corner. We have just about two months to prepare…to clean house, open the windows and, just breathe. We also recognize, that once June 1st hits, we may be forced to close the windows and batten down. Because, come that fateful day, the migraines will begin in earnest…

Who could forget the start of our 2012 season?

Tropical Storm Alberto and Beryl didn’t wait until June 1st! Our allergy season was in full swing…early!


Hurricane Chris and Tropical Storm Debby were right behind…Debby, as we experienced, causing extensive flooding throughout North Florida.

“Oh, the headaches…!!!”

Spring cleaning is our chance to get our agency ready for the possibility of a stormy season and to educate our clients on how we will be ready to help should a disaster strike. It is our opportunity to break out the “PLAN OF ACTION” pills…complete with instructions!

Of course, with everything else independent agents have going on in the office, it is sometimes tough to carve out time to create a preparedness strategy.

Think of it this way…you are the prescribing doctor:

  1. Your initial check-up: to analyze the ‘hurricane allergy season.’
  2. Your remedy:  to set your agency’s priorities.
  3. Your prescription: to make a detailed to-do list.
  4. Take the medicine: organize a program to reach out and educate your clients on the upcoming “hurricane allergy season.”
  5. Follow-up appointment: follow through on the plan and update as needed.
  6. Review and repeat often: as the doctor ordered.

Create the time to evaluate your agency’s needs, clarify your client’s needs and then write the prescription for the preparedness plan for this upcoming season.

Utilize the next two months to your agency’s benefit and your client’s delight. They will enjoy the fact that you took time out to prescribe a remedy before their allergies get out of whack.