Communication equates availability. Once you have educated your client and begun the collaborative process through your accessibility, then providing your client with a continued line of communication is your key to success. Without this last component, your client will be left with just a sale. Furthermore, lack of availability only allows your clients time to shop and compare that much more. Providing your clients open access to you during the time their project is being quoted is what further separates you from the competition. Ensure your clients that you are available to answer their questions via office phone and/or email…whatever it takes to be accessible. Furthermore, don’t wait for your client to call you with questions…rather, include them in the process. Be the first to follow up and ask them questions. Update them on the process, for sometimes you even have to comfort them…but, above all, be sincere!

Communication ensures relationships.

In good times, and bad, how you build your relationships will determine your success and ultimately your legacy. Understand your clients’ needs, look them in the eye, and tell them “I can.” And, if you can’t, then truthfully tell them that you are unable to overcome the objection. If you are honest, they will understand…the relationship continues. One break of that integrity and the relationship will be questioned.

Whether you are selling widgets or some other item, it’s all about relationships…whether you can build that connection in two months or two years is up to you! I can attest…my old boss was right. And, nearly 25 years later, I can look back on this philosophy as being my springboard to success both in sales and in my business relationships.

Remember, selling without selling isn’t a smooth ride all the time…but, overall, it just needs to be as seamless an experience as you can make it. Your clients will begin to trust you, believe you, and follow your lead on all their projects.

Education. Collaboration. Communication. Write yourself a reminder that you can.