Once you have provided an education to your clients on your particular process, then working hand-in-hand with your clients is probably the most important step in the entire progression of the project. The clients have made their decision to work with you; therefore, you don’t automatically abandon their needs and move on to the next client in line. On the contrary, they now need to see your increased, collaborative presence as a resource more than ever…almost as an extension of their staff. Collaborating with your clients will open new doors for other opportunities, for you will be noticed as a “roll up your sleeves” or a “go-to” type of individual.

You have to ask yourself…what is in my pipeline each and every day…what effort can I put forth with each and every client…and, what is the ultimate result if I change my mindset to being collaborative rather than becoming just a machine?

Collaboration accentuates relationships.

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Steve Shepherd

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