Over the course of the past several months, I have had the unique opportunity to meet numerous independent agents around the State of Florida. And, at times…more importantly…I have had the chance to be introduced to the office mascot.

Recently, I had the chance to meet “Buck” and “Izzi,” two beautiful Cocker Spaniels…rescue animals to be exact. Buck is a two-year-old “tween” and Izzi a mere baby at six months old. And, as you dog lovers can envision, Buck slept, while Izzi continued to prance around with her toys for basically the duration of our entire meeting.

Life would be so much simpler if we just took the approach of these two canines.





During our meeting, the top subject of the afternoon was not about rate increases, price wars, online offerings, or carrier incentives; it was mostly about the office mascots. And, if you work at this particular agent’s office, you definitely must love dogs…there is no other option.

What if we all led our agencies with the same sort of three-pronged approach? No, I am not talking about the agency staff snoozing, consuming pizza, and frolicking around the office all day.

I’m talking about an unassuming, three-pronged tactic:

Simple. Although insurance is a complex industry, the insureds call for simplicity. Keep it simple, and provide your clients with outstanding customer service. Those two subjects always go well hand-in-hand.

Inquisitive. Ask questions of your clients…all the time. And then…listen. This will enable you to keep a pulse on the changes in buying behaviors year in and year out.

Spirited. Keep up the enthusiasm and radiate excitement each and every day –not only for the agency’s staff, but also for the clients you represent. You’ll move mountains with your motivation!


I have grown up with beagles and can attest to their passion, vigor and exuberance, especially that of my recent addition to the family. “Charlie” is a 10-month-old purebred English foxhound…and, part antelope. He’s definitely full of life…he sleeps, eats, plays…and, repeats, and repeats, and repeats.

Life is way too short to do anything else, right? So, why shouldn’t we try a dog’s life?

Charlie provides our family with undying love and endless devotion. He nudges us frequently with his wet and cold nose…he’s one, happy dog! Although we strive to give back the same dedication (minus the cold nose), we can never quite match up to his simple life of luxury on the family couch, his quest for investigating strange noises, and his unmatched spirit when chasing down a Frisbee or a tennis ball. He lives a charmed life for sure.

Buck, Izzi, and Charlie all remind us how important it is to be energized by our time here on earth. These three pooches live by three modest tenets. So should we…

Keep it simple. Always be inquisitive. Maintain the spirited attitude. And, repeat…daily.

Find three truths for you to live by…and, repeat.

Then…go out and find yourself a cold nose at animal rescue!