Isaac brushed past Florida this week without much incident…mainly a rainy and somewhat windy nuisance. Needless to say, based on early models, everyone in the State of Florida prepared for the worst. Were you ready?

Here are a few ‘ISAAC’ thoughts…


How many of you took the time to inform your clients on hurricane preparedness either through your company website, Facebook or otherwise? If you haven’t done so already, try referencing different key websites on your agency’s hurricane preparedness information page or Facebook page. Suggestions: ,, and for more information. And, keep those updates coming…inform your audience constantly that you care for their well-being!

For those clients who do not utilize the web for research, provide a printed handout with vital information and/or bullet points for the insured to take home with them.

Remember, it’s not about us…it’s all about taking care of the insureds and their needs.


This is an intangible. Our clients desire safekeeping for their family and property. Anyone can sell…but, can you sell an intangible such as this? Think about it.

Security…can’t touch it, taste it, smell it or see it.

Until, it’s too late.

This is where you walk the talk…this is where all of your promises of safety and security come to fruition.


We have to be aware of our surroundings. A phrase I learned from a neighbor long ago was “keep your head on a swivel.” Be cognizant of everything that is happening around you before, during, and after a catastrophe. For example, recognize your community hurricane evacuation routes, determine where your clients need to go in case evacuation is necessitated, and understand the guidelines for returning to their property post-catastrophe.

You may think this evacuation information is second nature…but, what about the new residents that are moving to your community each and every day? They really don’t have a clue as to the plans or guidelines for weather such as this! Keep everyone aware.

Again, list this information clearly on your agency’s website, provide links to where your clients can research it themselves, or offer a printed version for your clients.


Spring into action! Should anything happen to any of your clients, be there for them…that is why they chose your agency in the first place!

Do you have a plan of action for handling multiple claims from, say, a more powerful Isaac? What plan is in place for your staff to take in the numerous phone calls, answer the throngs of emails, and console and support a potentially lengthy line of clients out the front door of your agency?

Agency action plans are a key component to smooth sailing should a catastrophe move through your area.


We all have a sense of belonging. All communities come together during times like this…no matter how small the threat. There is a common thread…your job is to be the needle!

Be THE agency that the public will remember for leading the way during tough times in your community!

Isaac was a reminder that we all have a duty to perform. Certainly, our own personal family comes first…but, our extended family…our clients, are waiting for us to be there for them as well. If your agency has a plan of action, then use it…if your agency doesn’t, then create it. Your clients expect it.

Again, Isaac taught us:

Insured—it’s all about fulfilling your promise

Security—walk the talk

Awareness—keep your clients informed

Action—know the plan, and act on it

Community—be a leader

Next time, the State of Florida might not be so lucky…will you be ready?!!

I wonder if I could generate an acronym with ‘KIRK?’