Recently, my daughter concluded her high school soccer career.

She’s been going, going, going playing soccer since she was in pre-K…and finally, in what was seemingly a blink of an eye, the journey was over.

There were plenty of opportunities over the last couple of years to take her game to the next level and to play college ball; however, she insisted that she was ready to move on.

My daughter was fine walking away from the game…although she will never hang up her cleats. When she goes off to college, there will be plenty of games to watch and pick-up games to play with her new-found friends.

So, this doesn’t mean her soccer career is over…it just means she’s completed a chapter and is now ready to move on to a new, exciting journey. And whatever that path becomes, her appetite for the sport will definitely never go away.

Her journey over the past fifteen years was full of wonderful accolades and, more importantly, full of coaches and players that will be forever in her life. And, as with a lot of her friends, she had her fill of soccer-related injuries, but she always came back full-throttle…never giving up.

You see, if my daughter would have allowed her injuries to derail her. If she would have taken the easy road out and quit, she would have missed out on a fantastic journey.

So…why did she decide to stick it out?

She loved the game and she enjoyed the great friendships she created along the way. But, more than anything…the reason she played every year since she was three years old…was her mentors and coaches. All of these fine people over the years had great influences on her life. They each helped her fulfill her journey in one way or another.

Interestingly enough, after fifteen years of playing competitive soccer, the coach in her final year of high school was the most influential of all.

After all those years, one single person had the most impact of any coach that had ever directed her on the field. It was his first year of being a head coach for a varsity soccer program, and in that one season, he was the difference-maker.

Her coach had that purpose you always hear about.

Her coach had that spark we all envision from a magnetic coach.

And…he enhanced her journey.

Think about it this way…

You, as an agent, are that coach.

And, you come into our time here on earth, either through a referral, an advertisement, a chance meeting…you have that ability to make an impact on our journey.

Much like my daughter’s coach, you can make a difference in our lives.

Your clients are your team.

We get injuries.

We get patched up.

We move away.

We move to town.

We have tragedies.

We have success stories.

You agents know the challenges we clients face and the opportunities we embrace.

And through it all, we are truly looking forward to a journey with you.

We’ll get through all the injuries…the tragedies…the successes…if we have a mentor…a coach.

And, much like my daughter and her soccer injuries, you agents have two routes to take: play through the pain, or go home and hang up your cleats.

You see, sometimes the journey is filled with obstacles , but somehow we ALL manage to crisscross our way to the other side of the field. And, much like a kid counts on the guidance and mentoring of a coach, your clients count on you and your staff to mold, educate, and lead.

Much like my daughter, our individual journeys are also full of key people like you who will be forever in our lives. And, through it all, we expect that you will always come back full-throttle…never giving up.

YOU are that difference-maker.

YOU are that spark.

YOU are that coach.

YOU enhance our journey.

Now…lead the way!!!