• Say ‘thank you.’ Clients need to be appreciated! It’s not enough just to throw out a quote and bind their policy.
  • Don’t rely on your clients to tell you when there is a problem. Actively solicit feedback from your clients on how you and your staff are doing. Regularly survey them via SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang, Constant Contact, or Facebook. And…keep it short!
  • Regardless of the feedback, reply to your clients concerns…individually if need be.
  • Speak your client’s language. Don’t forget to always educate your clients on our industry. As with traveling to a foreign country…there is a language barrier!
  • Communicate. In good times and in bad, always connect with your clients on pending changes in the industry. Email, Facebook, or a good old fashion phone call can offset any future animosity should (and when) fluctuations transpire.
Steve Shepherd

About Steve Shepherd

Steve’s entire career has been focused on helping companies to increase sales. He has sold, managed, trained and coached sales and sales management with noteworthy results. Steve’s results-oriented, highly interactive style has the ability to increase sales for many companies statewide. He makes sure the workshops are productive, interactive, and, above all, fun.