• Say ‘thank you.’ Clients need to be appreciated! It’s not enough just to throw out a quote and bind their policy.
  • Don’t rely on your clients to tell you when there is a problem. Actively solicit feedback from your clients on how you and your staff are doing. Regularly survey them via SurveyMonkey, Zoomerang, Constant Contact, or Facebook. And…keep it short!
  • Regardless of the feedback, reply to your clients concerns…individually if need be.
  • Speak your client’s language. Don’t forget to always educate your clients on our industry. As with traveling to a foreign country…there is a language barrier!
  • Communicate. In good times and in bad, always connect with your clients on pending changes in the industry. Email, Facebook, or a good old fashion phone call can offset any future animosity should (and when) fluctuations transpire.
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