One of the most common questions we get asked is, “What content should I be posting?” Truth is, there is no specific formula to find engaging content for your posts. There’s a lot of trial and error involved in content selection. What works one day might not work the next day. But that’s okay! You don’t want your Page or Feed to show the same information over and over again. A good mixture of content is always a plus in my book. Below are some ideas that can help you generate fresh new content.

Size Up the Competition

Check out what your competitors are doing. Make a list of your top competitors and monitor their Facebook Pages or Twitter feeds periodically. Look at the articles that they are posting, their engagement rate, and who they are reaching. What do you think your customers would find helpful? You can post similar information or make your posts slightly different; just make sure to always keep your brand and audience in mind.

Customer Feedback

Study your audience. If the majority of your customers are new homeowners, then a good tactic would be to schedule several posts to talk about “Tips to consider when buying a home” or “Maintenance tips for a new homeowner.” Stay current on your audience’s interests and look for content that you can share to meet their needs.

Follow Companies or Industry-Specific Blogs

A great tool for promoting your Facebook Page is cross-promotion. By connecting with other companies or people that share a similar demographic to yours, you can cross-promote and periodically share each other’s posts. You can also find tons of content inspiration through blogs. Blogs are a great tool to stay up-to-date with what people are saying in the industry.

What are your goals?

Look at your company goals. Do you want to educate your followers? Provide articles about their insurance policy or what to do if they need to file a claim. Is there a strong push to lower your loss ratio? Focus on educating your customers on safer driving, car maintenance, and home maintenance in an effort to lower claims throughout the year. Is your focus on increasing your website traffic? Do you have any helpful articles or blog posts on your company website? Share them on your social media channels! Remind your customers periodically who you are by publishing your website information.

Stay Current

As stated in my prior articles, a content calendar is a perfect tool to have. Creating a plan ahead of time can certainly save you from scrambling for ideas at the last minute. However, things change daily. Stay up-to-date with what is happening around your community and the state. Take a few minutes each day to monitor news outlets as well as blogs. This will help you find inspiration on current events.

Remember, not every post has to be the best or have high engagement. The main goal should be to add value to your audience, not fill their news feed with irrelevant information.

If you are still scrambling for ideas, check out this list from Forbes for some inspiration.